About Us

Faire Weather Friends is the brainchild of the Jynx, aka The Girl with the Vulpix Tattoo.  Her love of podcasts kept her going throughout the faire season in which she and her friends would travel the Pacific Northwest, attending all manner of ridiculous festivals, making merry and serving beer wherever they went.  Living this magical life with her friend, Earl the Bard, she knew that someone would like to know about their adventures.  Between her education in running businesses and Earl's unique skill set in sound engineering she knew that together they could weave the tales of their lives into a story unlike any that had ever graced the podcasting platform.

When Jynx came to Earl with the idea for Faire Weather Friends, she hardly had to convince him.  She was combining his love of Faire with his unique skill set, making the life of a traveling Renaissance Bard and Hurdy Gurdy player soon to be realized.----more----

Now ever summer they travel the Pacific Northwest, recording and collecting the stories of Faire Weather Friends.

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