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Season Finale, Episode 13: The Wedding

This episode takes place during a wedding!  Jynx and Earl interview our Good Lord Oberon again to tie up the the end of our first season, and suddenly the bride herself shows up!

Next Season goes live in the Fall of 2019!  Be sure to stay up to date on our travels to various faires throughout the summer and if you're lucky you might get a bonus episode or two!

Episode 12: Banality and Bedlam; The Faerieworlds Chronicles

This episode dedicated to Sweet Pea, the best kitten with mind-control powers you've ever met.

Listen in as Jynx and Earl toe the line between Banality and Bedlam, tucked away in a pocket dimension where the history and culture of Faerieworlds is stored in the minds of two of it's most long-running volunteers and performers, Dickens and Miss Molly of the Feckin Tinkers!

This is also the last episode that takes place at Faire!  But not to worry, season 2 is in production!

Episode 11: Finally Faerieworlds

The final festival is upon us!  Join Jynx and Earl as they traverse the land of the fae, a grand spectacle of art, music and fantastic costumes.  They meet a Rogue Siren and find that the true magic of Faerieworlds is in the Fae Family that this festival attracts.

Episode 10: For the Love of D&D And Faeries at the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire

Love of all kinds abounds in this particular episode, particularly Jynx and Earl's love of bars.

Join Jynx and Earl, still at the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire, as they hear one man's tale of love for one of the greatest games of all time and yet another love story between two actual faeries.

Episode 9: Talking to People in Bars at the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire

This episode takes place entirely in the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire's most esteemed drinking establishment, The Hammered Troll!

Jynx and Earl talk to random patrons and the men of Hangman's Acre, a famed group of jailers in the Pacific Northwest known for chasing down "criminals", throwing them behind bars and making them dance for their freedom!



Episode 8: The War Queen of Canterbury and the Faerie King

In this episode Jynx and Earl explore the playful relationship between two noble characters at the Canterbury Renaissance Faire; Queen Elizabeth the First and our Good Lord Oberon from Episode 1!  Hear the harrowing tale of multiple takeovers and enduring friendship. 

Episode 7: A Nice Love Story… also a Wizard at Canterbury Renaissance Faire

In this episode EARL AND JYNX ARE REUNITED AT LAST!  They're never doing that again!

Back together at Canterbury Renaissance Faire, Jynx and Earl take advantage of hot summer days in the height of Faire Season, collecting stories of love and hard work from the goodly wife of Oberon himself, Our Goblin Mother, Razzle!

And also there is a wizard... we don't know how he got in there but he sure was entertaining, so he got to stay in the podcast!

Episode 6: Trolls in the Dungeon at the Goblin Market

We're still at the Goblin Market and this episode Jynx interviews a real-life Troll!  Complete with hate crimes against goats and treasure!  Everybody's favorite things!

Episode 5: The Goblin Market; Of Made Up Sports and Mugmakers

In this episode Jynx is hungover most of the time!  Join a sad, bard-less Rogue on her adventures at the Goblin Market, a private festival for the most notable of Faire folk!  Featuring one of the most auspicious names in the Pacific Northwest Renaissance Faire scene and an entirely made-up sport, Jinglebonk!

Bonus Episode: Blessed Yule and Merry Christmas

BONUS EPISODE!  On this episode we celebrate Yule and Christmas by revealing a little bit about who we are, what we do outside of Renaissance Faires and drinking in a bar like functional adults.  Merry Christmas and Happy Yule listeners, we love you dearly.